posted: 2023-12-02

Seven Grand High-Quality Rips to Get to Know Me Better

I won't lie to you, my music tastes are a bit unconventional. I enjoy listening to Hihg quality Rips uploaded by the collective Youtube Channel known as SiIva Gunner. IT's not the only music I listen to, but to say I don't have favorite uploads from this channel would be innacurate to my self. For the unaware, these music tracks are meme mashups between Video Game Music and some kind of other joke, whether that be a simple midi pitch shift to play the Flintstones theme song, to overlaying an entirely different song. You'll get the joke if you keep reading.

What follows is a general unranked list of my favorite High Quality Rips, with a brief elaboration of why I enjoy it so much :]

1. Right There, Ride On (Extended Mix) - Sonic Rush

This one isn't all that complicated, it's "Right There, Ride On" from Sonic Rush, mashed up with "L.A. Woman" by The Doors, but it's mixed tremendously well too. IT's really fun to run to because of the way the son'g speed ebs and flows withthe original "L.A. Woman" song. It helps too that I'm generally a fan of The Doors, and Hideki Naganuma's work independently. It's a blast to run to as well because of the way the electric guitar of the original track mashes up with the gritty DS sound from Sonic Rush all while easily staying aligned in tempo and tone. When the song slows down at 3:06 too, oh man, it's perfectly timed with the rest of the song so that you can vibe out and slowly catch your breath before the final manic moments. Such a fun track, and absolutely great to run to.

2. Traverse Town - Kingdom Hearts

Yes, it's really stupid. The rip feautres someone playing a saxophone attempting to play the Traverse Town theme for the first loop, followed by them then playing the Flintstones theme song in the tone of the original song. It's supid, the saxophonist is late and off-key in the first half and only plays so well in the second half, but in that way it's also a little endearing. It reminds me of days in High School where, as a violin player, I would try (and often fail) to play video game music with the insturmental, with minimal practice. It reminds me of those music classrooms complete with those annoying band kids who would never stop alternating between playing the same 5 riffs. It reminds me that we aren't always perfect, but that it'sworth at least trying to emulate the things you like in order to improve as a person. And it makes me laugh every time.

3. Combat Night (ATS Version) - For Parhelion Peak Act 1 - Sonic After the Sequel

Before you listen to this track, if you haven't already heard the "Sonic After the Sequel" fangame's soundtrack, you really owe it to yourself to listen ot it, it's a phenominal album by some pretty notable independent composers who went onto evertually compose for Sonic Mania. This rip is a Youtube Poop Music Video (YTPMV) that features the "Christmas in July" sample from HHGregg, "Cookie Kiss☆" from Touhou with various visuals, and the YTPMV "Rock My Forum" itself which features Ray William Johnson being sentenced mixed to say various goofy lines including "Grand Dad", among other samples. It's a little chaotic, yes, but it's utterly ridiculous with its visuals, especially when you realize that someof the fade transitions have subliminal messages hidden in them. Definitely worth a watch or two inmy opinion. Just a generally impressive rip.

4. Snake Eater - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

If it wasn't clear by now, I'm kind of asucker for well-integrated sentence mixing. "Snake Eater - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" takes various lines spoken by Tom Hardy's Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises" to pay homage on the various "bane-posting" memes from 2012. It's just a very amusing spin on the song, and the contrast between the vocalist's belts and the hard cut to the gravelly murmur of Bane's lines always gets a laugh out of me. The best part about the rip is you can tell exactly where the joke was conceived: "I give my life, not for honor, but for you.". But don't let me spoil the whol thing, it's worth your time if you need a good joke.

5. Hurry Up!! - Wario Land 4

As I mentioned previously, I often enjoy running to High Quality Rips. "Hurry Up!! - Wario Land 4" is a special case because it's one of those tracks that makes you feel like you gotta GO When I first encountered this rip I hadn't played either Wario Land 4, nor A Hat in Time. While that has since changed, this piece remains one of my favorites for just the sheer amount of positive anxiety it induces in me as I listen. If I'm going a comfortable pace around the track and this tune pops on, you etter believe I will start working up to a sprint by the time 0:54 comes on. It's a personal favorite more for the context in which I choose to listen to it, a trend with my favorites as I've come to determine.

6. Afternoon Break - Persona 3

I mean, come on. It's Dua Lipa mashed up with Persona 3, what's there not to love? I'm not a huge Dua Lipa fan, but I really do appreciate her sound, and it's incredibly fun when its paired up with the funky Persona 3 track "Afternoon Break". This mashup is just really fun., especially how the choruses all line up here.

7. Agent Yoru o Yuku - THE iDOLM@STER

One of the most genuinely impressive rips I think I've ever seen the channel produce. It's a adaptation of the Nico Nico Douga medley, but with SiivaGunner memes sung by Newgrounds voice actors, many of whom have since actually broken into the industry. Do you know how fucking crazy it is to hear Rina-chan / Kira Buckland, the official voice of the character Umi in Love Live to sing Snow Halation off key to the opening to a Mega Man anime bit? Or how about Cor Boetger rapping Bonfire? It's just madness all the way through and it's TEN MINUTES LONG. If you need an encapsulation of internet meme culture spanning the late 2000s to the late 2010s, look no further than this rip. And the best part is that it was professionally arranged and mastered by TheLivingTombstone, which is absolutely incredible. This mixing allows this track to go from really cool collaboration project into something that feels really professional, which is the perfect contrast to just how big of a shitpost it is.