voltage's little slice of the internet

Welcome! you made it! this website is still very much under construction as I learn how to putter around here.

about me

i am the most interesting person alive, i game, and stream, and want to express myself and all that jazz. how could that not make me the most interesting person alive?

general hobbies

Articles, Reviews, General Writing, etc.

i'm a gamer

i'm one of those people who plays video games and then thinks to themselves "hmm, i wonder what i can learn from this experience? as a result i take a lot of notes on games (and other media) with which i engage. maybe i'll do an autobiographical exploration of my gaming experiences on this website, that would be cool, yeah?

Does this seem interesting to you? You can see my entire gaming history here

how did you make this sick website?????

Check out Neocities! (It's how I made this website)

oh by the way...

Wow! You're visitor number , that's really epic :]

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