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I'm kind of obsessed with these plots, especially the first one (the one with the dots and lines).

This is my entire gaming history, just a bunch of dots and lines. Each set, a video game I chose to play (that I have data for, of course). In a way, this is my entire life from age 9 onward. These dots tell stories, their densities tell when I had time to play, when I didn't. I can point to major moments in my life, some visible in this plot with varying degrees of obviousness. My College Graduation is visible on this plot, as is when I got my Nintendo 3DS. If you know a little more about me, you might be able to explain why I suddenly stopped playing games around Fall 2013.

This plot is a representation of my life through little more than numbers.

I wouldn't say I obsessively recorded my gaming data, it sort of just happened. I got games as a kid on monumental days like birthdays and Christmas. I played games during holidays or in strange circumstances, the context of each imprinting in my memory parallel to the events of Easter 2011. It's easy to recall my cousin's wedding reception in 2008 because I was playing Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (2004) and failing to find the mirror to Mustard Mountain. This data sort of just accumulated over the course of my entire gaming life. I made Let's Play videos and streamed on Twitch (still do but I used to too). I kept track of my progress on websites like The Backloggery and backloggd, and in spreadsheets kept on my hard drive and Google Drive. I'm not alone in my endeavor either, technology does a lot of the work for me. Some consoles record play time and dates, like the Nintendo 3DS, an invaluable console for putting a lot of this data together. There are some data points hwere I know when I started playing the game, but cannot remember when I stopped. There are some games where I know I stopped playing a game, but cannot remember when I started it. That's how it goes sometimes. I did a lot of investigative self-journalism here to compile everything. Nowadays I keep track of all my game logging in my Obsidian note taking app.

Okay, but this is just a bunch of dots and lines, which games are they?

I'm glad you asked!

As I'm able, I'll be recounting some thoughts and experiences related to games, and i'll be including some of the "plot data" so you can try and locate the games at your own pace. I suppose a plot is nothing without its context, after all. Be on the lookout for updates once I get a better setup going here.